Trans Mountain Expansion Project and Oil Spills: Power Analysis on Pacific Salmon Data


Pacific salmon that migrate through Kamloops Lake and into the North Thompson River and Shuswap Lake complex are at risk from oil spills associated with the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline project (TMX). These watersheds and salmon are culturally important to Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) members and the larger Secwépemc Nation (Kwusen Research and Media 2019). Salmon have an important role in the ecosystem as they provide a nutrient and food source for traditional users, and for a variety of plants and wildlife. Therefore, reductions in numbers or contamination of salmon can have consequences for the broader ecosystem. ALIB requested that Management and Solutions in Environmental Science (MSES) assist the community by conducting a technical study. The focus of the study was to examine whether existing scientific data would be able to detect potential impacts on salmon stocks in these watersheds if a spill were to occur associated with the TMX project.

Adams Lake Indian Band

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